Project Overview



We returned to Boomtown Fair after our hugely successful 2016 Hypercity film. The goal was to create a seamless hyperlapse journey that explores the streets of Boomtown Fair. A lot of work went into every stage of this project and pre-production was no exception. We created detailed storyboards and shot lists mapping out the whole video so when we arrived onsite we had a clear vision of what shots needed to be captured.

Arial Events Video Boomtown festival
Festival Events Video Boomtown festival


The team consisted of two camera ops filming over a four day period. We were able to capture a wealth of amazing footage including our signature hyperlapses. After many miles of walking the festival site we had captured some of our best footage to date.

Once back in the studio editing skills were pushed to the max in creating the flow motion sequences. Creating the seamless transitions between shots was time consuming but well worth the effort. The results speak for themselves as the film has a much more structured narrative and flow thanks to the detailed plan we had put in place.


With over 100,000 views in 24 hours we were staggered by the response. With combined views of over 270,000 views, 4,000 likes and 2,000 shares. The film has been a milestone for Big Blue Whale as we continue to refine our approach to film making and reflects our commitment to quality and obsession with intense visuals

Festival Events Video Boomtown festival
Festival Events Video Boomtown festival


WOW, some absolutely serious skills went into the creation of the Boomtown Hyper City video. We try to explain the festival through words, theatre, music, photos and standard videos but this Hyperlapse is as close as you can get to understanding the full boomtown experience without actually being there… Big thanks to the team for all your hard work and mega skills!!!

Anna Wade Communications Manager

Project Insights

• Festival flow motion video
• 270,000+ views to date
• Timelapse/hyperlapse photography
• Live action footage
• Extensive pre production
• 1 x project manager
• 2 x camera ops
• 4 days filming
• 1 month post production

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