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Slam Dunk Records is part of the Future Sound group in Leeds, which is one of the longest running independent live music promoters and venue operators in the UK.

Beauty School

Big Blue Whale where welcomed back by Slam Dunk Records to shoot their new top signing Beauty School. We have filmed two videos for the band to date.  For the second, Pawn Shop Jewels we opted for a visual performance video using a number of different setups to ensure the focus was very much on the band.


The first music video we shot for the band was Take It Slow which was a story driven video featuring a young man struggling with mental health as reflected by the lyrics of the song. Here we featured a therapy session combined with the band performing who also reflected the patients emotions.

music video bts

For You The Moon

The first band Slam Dunk Records asked us to produce a music video for was the band For You The Moon. A Leeds band that formed at Leeds College of Music. They were quickly picked up and signed by Slam Dunk Records. We have produced two music videos for them now. The first Lost Without You is a performance based video shot in a studio. The second Talk was shot during lock down so we had to get a little more creative in how we shot it. The story revolves around young love.



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Project Insights

•  4 x atp testing promotional videos
•  Released on LinkedIn
•  4 x atp testing promotional videos
•  Released on LinkedIn
•  4 x atp testing promotional videos
•  Released on LinkedIn

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