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Experience the captivating and rhythmic world of dance with our promotional video for the exciting new show “Everything But The Girl” by 2Faced Dance. Our team of skilled videographers and editors have beautifully captured the essence of the performance, showcasing the stunning choreography and electrifying music. Get ready to be transported to another world filled with energy and emotion.

step into the spotlight

2Faced Dance, a renowned physical theatre company, approached us to create a promotional video for their 20th anniversary tour of ‘Everything but the Girl’, a captivating contemporary dance show featuring three unique pieces choreographed by Tamsin Fitzgerald and Fleur Darkin. We were thrilled to take on the challenge of producing a video that captures the energy and excitement of this milestone production.

everything but the girl events video
everything but the girl events video

Lights, Camera, Action

The challenge was to capture the artistry of 2Faced Dance’s breathtaking contemporary dance production with only one camera operator. Our solution was to maximize variety by strategically placing cameras in multiple angles, including a wide shot, a side view, and a camera on a gimbal. To capture the full show, we filmed two performances – a dress rehearsal for press and a live show with an audience.

Additionally, we were tasked with filming an uncut version of the entire show to send to potential bookers. To accomplish this, we filmed the second live show of the night, which allowed us to capture the authentic audience sounds and atmosphere, creating a compelling showcase of the show’s full spectacle.

Bringing the Drama

The beauty of our 3-camera setup was the wealth of options it provided during post-production. This allowed us to select the best footage and create a polished final product that gave the impression of a larger team. Our promotional video has been circulating on social media, generating excitement and driving ticket sales. The uncut version of the full-length show has also been passed on to other venues, leading to a flurry of bookings.

everything but the girl events video

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