2Faced Dance Company

Project Overview

Promotional video for a dance company’s new show “Everything But The Girl” 


The highly acclaimed physical theatre company 2Faced Dance got in touch to ask if we could produce a new promotional video to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a tour of their show ‘EVERYTHING (but the girl)’. This consisted of three pieces of exhilarating contemporary dance that were choreographed by Director Tamsin Fitzgerald and Fleur Darkin.

everything but the girl events video
everything but the girl events video


The brief was to cover as many angles as possible to showcase the highly skilled dance piece. As we only had 1 camera operator variety was key so we used a wide shot, side view and the third camera was on a gimbal. We captured two shows, a full dress rehearsal for press and a second full live show with audience.


The second part of the brief was to capture the full show as a uncut piece to send to venues in order to show the full spectacle to potential bookers. We covered this in the second show of the night together with the real audience sounds and atmosphere.


One of the benefits to shooting the show with a 3 camera setup was the options it gave us in post production. We had the ability to find the best action from the piece combined with the different cameras ensured it always looked fresh, something you would expect from a larger crew but not a 1 man team. The final advert has been doing the rounds on social media that has led to more tickets being sold. The the length show has now been passed onto other venues who have booked the show in.

everything but the girl events video

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