timelapse & hyperlapse

Captivate viewers with our stunning timelapse and hyperlapse video production.


At Big Blue Whale we excel in creating dynamic timelapse and hyperlapse sequences that offer a unique approach to visual story telling for our clients. Projects we have worked on include large scale art creation to public and corporate events. Add the wow factor to slow moving sequences with trailblazing hyperlapse filming and editing techniques.

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing
North Brewing Co Lapse


Our timelapse and hyperlapse sequences are often combined with live action footage helping to create a balance between the two film techniques. Over the years our team has refined their hyperlapse techniques to ensure the final sequences stand out from the crowd. We use a range of cameras and gear such as electronic sliders to capture a variety of timelapse and hyperlapse styles.


With Big Blue Whale’s post production magic we elevate timelapse and hyperlapse sequences to create stunning flow motion films that captivate viewers.

Example projects

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing

Excel Cleaning Contractors

Excel are not you average window cleaning company. Scaling some of Yorkshire most iconic high-rise building have a look and see what we mean.

Just a few of the clients we have worked with

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