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Take your audience on a thrilling visual journey with our mesmerizing timelapse and hyperlapse video services. From the rising sun to the bustling city streets, our time-lapse videos capture every detail allowing you to showcase your project in a unique and exciting way. Why settle for mundane when you can create a time-lapse that will make your audience say “wow” with every frame?

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Big Blue Whale is a powerhouse in crafting visually captivating stories through stunning timelapse and hyperlapse video production. Our team’s passion for visual storytelling and expertise in the field has helped us to create remarkable sequences for our clients, ranging from large-scale art installations to public and corporate events. Our hyperlapse filming and editing techniques will leave your audience in awe and add an unparalleled wow factor to your slow-moving sequences.

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing
North Brewing Co Lapse

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Our team at Big Blue Whale is dedicated to producing high-quality timelapse and hyperlapse sequences. We understand the importance of balancing traditional live action footage with the unique storytelling power of timelapse and hyperlapse. We have developed innovative techniques that set our sequences apart. From the use of electronic sliders to the latest camera gear, we create captivating timelapse footage that will make your project stand out from the crowd.

From Setup to Breakdown

Elevate your event to the next level with mesmerizing timelapse sequences that command attention. Whether it’s showcasing the development of a stage or capturing a breathtaking sunset, timelapse videos are a powerful way to capture the passage of time. At Big Blue Whale, our team of experts uses cutting-edge post-production techniques to turn timelapse and hyperlapse footage into stunning flow motion films that captivate and inspire audiences. Let us bring your event to life with the magic of timelapse.

Example projects

Beat-Herder Festival

Experience the Thrill of Flow Motion with our After Movie Since 2019, we have had the great opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at

North brewing Co Photo

North Brewing Co

Big Blue Whale created a set of video for a selection of new Beers the Brewery needed to advertise on social media.

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing

Excel Cleaning Contractors

Excel are not you average window cleaning company. Scaling some of Yorkshire most iconic high-rise building have a look and see what we mean.

Just a few of the clients we have worked with

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