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Project Overview

Big Blue Whale created a set of video for a selection of new Beers the Brewery needed to advertise on social media.


North Brewing Co. initially got in touch with Big Blue Whale as they wanted a timelapse video documenting the installation of their new warehouse and tap room which we are in the process of capturing. We then asked if they wanted any product videos creating and they jumped at the opportunity. After securing a couple cans we went ahead and shot a test video that you can view at the bottom of this page. With this complete we got back in touch with North Brewing Co. to get their feedback and to discuss which beer they wanted to feature in the main advert. We also got our hands on some branded glasses for use in the video.

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Using our motorised slider setup we filmed the glass and can in both 4k and slow motion so when it came to the edit we would have the option of super sharp and smooth slowmo. Using a mixture of glycerin and water in a spray bottle we created our own condensation on the can to make the beer look nice and chilled. A few of the shots took a couple of takes to get just right but the extra effort waa well worth it.

When it came to the edit we wanted to keep the video short whilst telling the simple story of pouring a refreshing beer for yourself. A couple of nice transitions and speed ramps between shots were the finishing touches needed to complete the video. For future product videos we hope to get a bit more creative with our b roll to add more interest to the videos.


The final video looks great with everyone from the head brewer, marketing team all the way through to big boss loving it. When posted to Instagram the response from followers was really positive with a lot of people expressing their love of the beer as well as commenting on how much they loved the video. We continue to work with North Brewing Co. on the timelapse video and we look forward to creating more product videos in the future.

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“The team at Big Blue Whale have been great to work with having helped us document our expansion by identifying key areas we needed capturing and finding innovative ways to do this. They have been flexible and worked with our hectic schedule and tight timeframes. We have had to carefully control costs and set strict budgets and they have been very supportive in helping us get the result we wanted all within budget.”


Seb Brink Head Brewer

Project Insights

• Product video for beer
• For social media campaign
• 4 hours filming
• 1 day edit

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