Animation & Motion Design

Elevate your video project with animation and motion graphics from kinetic text for corporate events to animated logos and 3D work.

Animation for Product videos

Great ideas are sometimes not possible to achieve through conventional video production which is where motion design and animation can really help get your messages across.


Big Blue Whale create a stylised look and feel to suit your audience. We ensure key messages clear and concise whilst sitting naturally with branded content.

Trunarrative animation
Green Party Animation video

Inspire your users

With YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with most other social media platforms all offering video support it is important to stand out from your competitors. What better way to make content visually exciting than by using motion design, it is a great way to bring static images or statistics to life.


projection mapping

Let of experts transform you buildings, rooms or surrounding and bring them to live with with projection mapping. It involves taking a video, animation, images, or any other visual material and project them onto a surface or objects to provide context or information or create an immersive experience. 

Projection Mapping Leeds

Example projects


Product videos for the in car entreatment market leader.

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