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Whiteboard animation

The European Green Party commissioned us to produce a political campaign video that highlighted their core principles. To make the video engaging, we used animation and timelapse techniques to create a whiteboard style animation. Through our creative approach, we successfully conveyed the party’s message in a visually striking way.


We were very excited when the European Green Party approached us to create an animated video to showcase their updated policies and rebranding efforts.

Our talented in-house writer crafted a script that hit all the right notes, ensuring that every essential detail was covered. From there, our team got to work creating eye-catching storyboards that brought the script to life. To make sure the visuals matched the message, the storyboards broke the script into digestible ideas and illustrations for the client to approve.

Using our signature whiteboard style, we transformed the client’s vision into an engaging and informative video that truly captured the essence of the European Green Party.

Green Party Animation video


The production of our whiteboard style video for the European Green Party was a complex process that spanned two days. We set up multiple cameras to capture side angles and the main top-down view of each illustration being drawn, ensuring every detail was captured.

To make the video accessible to a wider audience, we sourced a voice-over artist with a clear accent that non-native English speakers could easily understand. During editing, we used the voice-over recording as a reference for timing, ensuring perfect synchronization between the visuals and the audio.

Finally, our in-house sound designer created a captivating music track that blended electronic and live instruments to complement the message and tone of the video.


The final video was featured on the European Green Party’s updated website to help people understand their new policies in a visual and engaging manor. It was also featured on their YouTube channel along with the 24 subtitle versions and reached a large and varied audience across Europe.

European Green Party Website

Green Party Animation video
Green Party Animation video


“We came across Big Blue Whale during the 2015 general election campaign, when the Green Party for England and Wales produced animated videos outlining their party policies. Having been impressed by their work we embarked on a project that explains what our political party is all about. Throughout the project the team were highly professional, flexible and easy to work with. They produced a great final product.”

Leigh Pisani Social Media Officer

Project Insights

•  Explainer video
•  Campaign activated across Europe
•  Script writing
•  1 x illustrator
•  Voice-over artist
•  24 language subtitles
•  Bespoke music design

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