LDN Style

Making an Impact in Seconds: Commercials That Pack a Punch

With a focus on creating eye-catching visuals, we developed a series of short-form commercials for LDN Style that aimed to showcase the unique features and style of their flagship line of duvet covers.


For this project, our aim was to produce captivating marketing videos that would stand out on social media and grab the viewers’ attention. To achieve this, we collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive plan that included location scouting, scriptwriting, actor recruitment and a detailed shot list for shoot day.

In addition, our talented in-house design team utilized After Effects to create visually stunning animated concepts that would enhance the final product. With this combined effort, we were able to create a compelling and effective series of videos that perfectly conveyed the client’s message to their target audience.


At the start of the shoot, we made sure everyone was on board with the plan, from the actors to the crew. Once we had everyone’s approval, we moved swiftly into filming to ensure we captured all the necessary footage for the different videos we were producing.

When it came time for post-production, we carefully combed through the footage to select the best takes. With those selected, we added visually compelling transitions and text effects. Thanks to the innovative animation concepts created by our in-house design team, we were able to do so efficiently, while also adding an extra layer of detail to the final product.

Project insights

Big Blue Whale collaborated with LDN Style to create a series of online marketing videos that were launched on various social media platforms. The success of the campaign was evident as the videos generated new sales and contributed to the company’s continued growth.

The project was particularly exciting for us as we had the opportunity to combine both live-action footage and animation, resulting in visually engaging transitions between shots. We are thrilled to have delivered a unique and effective marketing solution for our client.

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