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Sparkling Results: Our marketing Videos Make a Difference

Excel Window Cleaning is no ordinary company. They take on the challenge of scaling some of Yorkshire’s most iconic high-rise buildings, delivering results that are nothing short of spectacular. And with their reputation for excellence, Big Blue Whale was thrilled to work with them to create captivating video content that showcases their services.


Excel Cleaning Contractors is a premier service provider that caters to a wide range of businesses and homes across Yorkshire, encompassing major cities such as York, Leeds, Harrogate, and Wakefield.

In line with their plans to launch a new website, Excel partnered with Big Blue Whale to produce a series of online marketing videos to strengthen their online presence and attract new customers. Our team worked closely with them to create engaging and informative videos highlighting their key services, including commercial window cleaning, soft washing for homes, and ATP testing with liquid sanitation.

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing
excel cleaning contractors video for marketing


Despite the unpredictable weather conditions, the Big Blue Whale team has persisted in capturing stunning footage for Excel Cleaning Contractors. From the bustling Central Square in Leeds to the historic Jorvik Viking Centre, we have documented the team’s liquid sanitation and ATP testing services in various settings including NHS surgeries and solicitors offices.

Not only have we produced informative videos on Excel’s services, including the completion of 4 ATP Testing videos posted on their LinkedIn page, we have also designed an animated logo. This visually striking logo will serve as an end plate for all videos, featuring a compelling call to action and essential contact information.


To date, we have produced four videos for Excel Cleaning Contractors, with two additional videos currently in the works. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Excel in the upcoming months and eagerly anticipate creating captivating video content that will help drive their sales through online marketing initiatives, including videos, timelapses, and photos.

These videos will be featured on Excel’s website and social media platforms. Excel understands the significance of engaging video content and recognizes the need to remain a market leader in their field. We look forward to contributing to their continued success.

excel cleaning contractors video for marketing
excel cleaning contractors video for marketing


“Big Blue Whale have exceeded expectations every step of the way, their professional approach, flexibility and the quality of their work have blown us away. Whatever your project or idea, I would highly recommend using them and we look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Michael Akers Business Development

Project Insights

• 4x ATP Testing promotional videos
• Released on LinkedIn
• 2 days filming
• 5 days editing
• Timelapse and hyperlapse
• 1x Commercial window cleaning video
• 1x Soft clean video

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