Allerton High School

Vibrant School Showcase

We continue collaborating with various schools to craft promotional video content for enhancing their marketing efforts. It was truly delightful to partner with Allerton High School, spotlighting their state-of-the-art facilities and newly constructed building.


Allerton High School reached out to us upon discovering our educational video portfolio online. Impressed by our work with other schools, they eagerly sought a top-tier promotional film for their institution.


The primary goal of the final film was to highlight their newly completed building and showcase their outstanding facilities. Following a comprehensive tour of the school and in-depth discussions, we gained a clear understanding of the school’s objectives and embarked on realizing their vision.


The objective for this film was to craft a visually captivating narrative of the school, infused with our distinctive high-energy style. Armed with a detailed shot list before filming commenced, we efficiently captured all elements within the allocated two-day filming window.


Our licensed drone pilot captured stunning aerial footage, highlighting both the school grounds and the newly constructed building.


Guided by the shot list during the editing process, we successfully achieved our aim of weaving together a visually captivating story. Leveraging both Premiere and After Effects, we crafted a film that seamlessly transitions from one section to the next.


After making some final editing tweaks to the film, it was ready for presentation to the school, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. From school leadership to the students at assembly, the feedback was nothing short of exceptional.


The resounding success prompted the school to enlist our services again, this time to create additional content for a Sixth Form promotional film. The fact that they sought our collaboration on another project so soon after the initial film is a testament to our dedication and commitment to our clients.

Project Insights

•  School promotional film
•  Sixth Form promotional film
•  4 days pre production & planning
•  2 person film crew
•  2 days filming
•  5 days editing


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