Beat-Herder Festival

Project Overview

Events after movie capturing it in all its glory as a feature length cut.


The Beat-herder team got in touch after finding our other online festival videos. In past years Beat-herder have struggled with their video content in that it did not reflect the crazy and fun loving nature of the festival. Big Blue Whale were asked if we could elevate their video content so it is inline with the truly impressive show they put on each summer. Our answer was a definitive YES. After an initial meeting with the client we were given free reign to do what we felt was best for showcasing the festival. A lot of work went into pre-production which culminated in a master shot list breaking down the weekend filming ahead.

Beat herder festival after movie


We arrived the day before the festival opened to the public so we could walk the site, meet stage managers and get ourselves familiar with the overall setup of the festival. With a focused team of 3 we had an extremely busy weekend ahead of us capturing all the action. We started each day with a team meeting to discuss what shots needed capturing from the master shot list. An effective system that we have developed over the last 4 years that allows our streamlined team to produce video content that outshines other much larger productions. The day after the festival we spent a full day editing a Thank You video that was released within 24 hours of the festival finishing. This was to act as a teaser for the full length after movie that was to follow.


The end results speak for themselves with an insane amount of praise from festival goers across social media platforms with many saying it is the best festival video they have ever seen. Upon completion of the project the team at Beat-Herder booked us straight away for next year’s festival as they were so impressed with our work ethic and quality of work. All in all a job well done. Tickets have already sold out for next year so our job is complete.



All photos curtesy of The Beat Herder Festival.

beat herder festival video filmed by big blue whale
big blue whale events at the festivals


This is UNREAL!! So much in there, all the aspects and some class timings too. Bravo! I think this will really give people a good look at the elusive Beat Herder, it’s about time and the best year for it to reveal itself, it looks amazing and I know it will have jaws on the floor. Thanks again for all your efforts and rendering us speechless with the approach and execution of all this.

Nick Founding Director

Project Insights

•  Flowmotion festival movie
•  Thank You video
•  163,000+ views
•  3 x camera ops
•  3 days filming
•  20 days post production

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