Camp Bestival

Experience the Best of Camp Bestival 2023

Our Cinematic Approach to Camp Festival 2023 Highlight Videos Captures the Essence of the Event.

Relive the Magic of Camp Festival 2023 with Our Two Stunning Highlight Videos

Welcome to the official video showcase for Camp Festival 2023! As the official events video company for this year’s festival, Big Blue Whale, a Leeds video production company, worked tirelessly to capture all of the best Festival highlights from both weekends of the event. From the incredible performances on stage, to the unforgettable moments of connection between festival-goers, our videos are the perfect way to relive the magic of Camp Festival 2023.


One of the things that sets our videos apart is our approach to filming and editing. This year, we decided to take a more stripped back, cinematic approach. Instead of the fast-paced, frenetic style that we’ve used in previous years, we focused on capturing moments of genuine emotion and connection.

Camp Festival highlights video
Camp Festival highlights video

Unforgettable Moments to Amazing Performances

Our director and editor, Scott, worked closely with our talented camera operators, Chris and Jim, to ensure that every shot was carefully planned and executed. Using a variety of different lenses and techniques, they were able to create a dynamic and visually stunning final product that perfectly captures the essence of the festival.


Whether you attended Camp Festival 2023 or not, our videos are the perfect way to experience the magic of this incredible event. We produced two stunning videos, one for each site in Dorset and Shropshire, that showcase the very best of what the festival has to offer. Our team captured all of the highlights, from the amazing performances on stage, to the fantastic atmosphere created by the festival-goers themselves.

We have plenty of additional content that we will be using for Events Marketing at a later date. Keep an eye out for even more exciting footage and social media posts that will get you hyped up for next year’s event.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. We’re incredibly proud of the work we did to capture the spirit of Camp Festival 2023, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself through our videos.


All photography by Leora Bermeister

Camp Festival highlights video
Camp Festival highlights video


“Fantastic job team! Love it” 

 Rob Da Bank – Festival Director

Project Insights

• 2 Weekends
• 4 days each
•  2 x After Movie
•  Social Marketing Content
•  3 person film crew
•  8 days editing

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