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Big Blue Whale has established a longstanding relationship with Festival Republic over the years, and the annual Download festival is undoubtedly one of our favorite events to cover. The festival’s electrifying energy and the attendees’ infectious enthusiasm, coupled with the outstanding musical performances, make for an incredible experience that we look forward to every year.

2022 – cinematic Daily videos

2022 saw a new direction with a shift in focus back to music, leaving out the entertainment and theatre aspects that had been a part of previous years.

Our team of six was on-site for the four-day festival, capturing the energy and excitement of the festival. We created daily videos that fans could share ensuring that those who couldn’t be there in person didn’t miss out on any of the action.

In addition to the daily edits, we also produced a 60-second highlights video within just 10 days of the festival’s end. Finally, we created an after-movie that premiered in conjunction with tickets sales going live.

2021 – only 3 days to finish the film

Big Blue Whale captures the spirit of the first live music festival since lockdown as Download returns in 2021 with a 10K capacity government pilot event.

With a team of three, we worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to capture every exciting moment of the festival. Our onsite filming and editing skills allowed us to quickly turn around a final film that was ready for release on Monday.

The festival was filled with an electric energy as music lovers were finally able to come together after a long hiatus. We made sure to capture every ounce of that energy, highlighting the joy and excitement of everyone in attendance. It was truly a historic event that everyone involved was grateful to be a part of.

2019 – End of era

The 2019 Download Festival was a bittersweet experience for us at Big Blue Whale. Little did we know that it would be the last one for another two years due to the pandemic. It was also the last festival to feature the beloved air guitar, demolition derby, theater, circus, wrestling, and other forms of entertainment.

Despite this, we put our all into creating a wealth of content for the festival. We produced daily onsite edits, two after-movies, band interviews, mini-documentaries showcasing the entertainment, and the UK Air Guitar Championships.

We feel truly honored to have been given the opportunity to create content for an event that holds such a special place in our hearts.

annoucement videos and animation

Following the success of our 2018 After Movie, we were delighted when the team at Festival Republic approached us to work on the announcement video for their next event. Our team wasted no time in getting to work, utilizing the footage we had captured at the festival to create an engaging and visually stunning video. Our editors added 3D headliner text to the clips, generating excitement among fans for the upcoming event. Tool’s headline performance was particularly anticipated, and we were proud to be part of the process that helped build excitement and anticipation for this much-loved festival.

2018 – The start of amazing story

Our collaboration with Festival Republic for Download Festival 2018 marked an exciting milestone for us. As a team of dedicated music enthusiasts, we were thrilled to capture the essence of this legendary event through our lenses. With our crew of three, we expertly captured the awe-inspiring performances and raw emotions that unfolded on stage.

Despite the tight deadline of just 10 days, our skilled editors worked tirelessly to create a stunning after movie that truly encapsulated the spirit of the festival. It was a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience that we will always cherish.

Photos by Matt Eachus


“Having previously worked with Big Blue Whale we were pleased to bring them on board as the official film crew for Download Festival 2019. Scott and the team were great at understanding our requests and realising our desired visual output of this year’s festival.”

 Download Festival

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