European Gay Ski Week

Experience the Thrill: Ski Week Promo Video

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the French Alps, Les Arc played host to the exhilarating European Gay Ski Week. Our team was on the ground to capture the adrenaline-pumping skiing and epic parties that followed. We created a series of post-event marketing videos that showcased the excitement and energy of the week-long festivities. These videos were designed to be used across the event’s website and various social media channels, amplifying the reach of this unforgettable experience.

Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

European Gay Ski Week is an exciting annual gathering for the LGTB community, featuring winter sports, cabaret, comedy, and parties in the stunning setting of Les Arcs in the Alps. The event organizers approached us after seeing our high-impact event videos and requested promotional content for the occasion.

With a car full of equipment and a talented team of four, including two skilled camera operators, a photographer, and a sound designer, we embarked on the journey to France. We arrived a day before the guests to familiarize ourselves with Les Arcs and its surroundings, ensuring we captured the event in all its glory.

drag queens on a mountain photography by big blue whale
gay ski week photography in the alps

Powderful Ski Footage

We hit the ground running and immediately got to work capturing the action-packed week. Equipped with GoPros, we hit the slopes and captured thrilling shots of winter sports in action. We split up into different groups to capture a range of skill levels from beginners to experts.

We worked closely with the dancers and drag queens to capture some truly unique footage of them on the slopes. To add even more visual interest to the videos, we incorporated timelapse and hyperlapse techniques.

After a day on the slopes, it was time for apr├Ęs ski and then onto filming the evening festivities: dinners, cabaret shows, club nights, and plenty of dancing.

Skiing to Success

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to produce two videos for European Gay Ski Week, a short highlights reel and an extended aftermovie. Our aim was to capture the excitement and energy of the event, and the end result was a testament to our team’s expertise in video production. With expert sound design, we were able to bring the footage to life and deliver a product that exceeded the client’s expectations.

guy men photography in the alps

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