Fire & Wild

Capturing the Flavors: A Promotional Video for the Ultimate Bespoke Dining Experience

We were thrilled to take on the challenge of producing a promotional marketing video for an extraordinary dining experience: an immersive, off-grid, outdoor foraging adventure based in Sussex. Our aim was to capture the magic and unique atmosphere of the event, while showcasing the stunning natural surroundings and mouth-watering cuisine on offer.

Dine in Style

At Big Blue Whale, we were thrilled to collaborate with Fire & Wild to produce a captivating short film promoting their immersive off-grid, outdoor dining and foraging experience in Sussex. Our goal was to create a cinematic journey that would transport viewers into the heart of Fire & Wild’s unique world.

To achieve this, we worked closely with the client to craft a shot list that would effectively capture the essence of the brand and its values. Our approach was focused on creating a sense of wonder and allure, with the aim of inspiring viewers to explore the experience further. The end result was a beautifully crafted film that successfully conveyed the magic of Fire & Wild, and helped to increase interest and engagement with their brand.

outdoors videographer fire and wild
outdoors videographer fire and wild

From Plate to Screen

To bring the Fire & Wild story to life, Big Blue Whale embarked on a production journey spanning two picturesque locations: the Lake District and East Sussex. In the former, we captured awe-inspiring panoramic shots of mountains, as well as tranquil moments of canoeing, trout fishing, and foraging in the woods. Meanwhile, in the latter, we focused on filming the feast, a remarkable display of fire-cooked food, exquisite wines, and wild cocktails set in an ancient oak woodland.

To tell the story in the most visually stunning way possible, we opted to eschew our usual array of effects and transitions in post-production. Instead, we crafted a film that relied heavily on the breathtaking footage captured during our shoots. With the addition of music from Father, the final product was a masterful short film that truly embodies the essence of Fire & Wild.

Savory and Cinematic

The success of Fire and Wild has been remarkable, with prominent publications such as The Guardian featuring articles on the brand. Our promotional film has played a vital role in telling the brand’s unique story and showcasing the exceptional experience offered to potential customers. Through our visual storytelling, viewers are given a glimpse of the adventure and excitement that awaits them, ultimately enticing them to book their tickets and become part of this unforgettable journey.

outdoors videographer fire and wild
outdoors videographer fire and wild


“From start to finish the project was skillfully executed. The Big Blue Whale team really listened to the brief, understood the vision and went on to create something very special. The end product has exceeded all expectations and we now have an excellent promotional video with which to market the brand. The feedback so far has been fantastic!”

Mark Andrews Founding Director


Project Insights

•  Promotional short film
•  Featured in national press
•  2 x camera ops
•  1 x photographer
•  2 days filming
•  1 week post production

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