Fluency Bee

Developing number confidence

Big Blue Whale partners with White Rose Maths to unveil Fluency Bee, a structured teaching program designed to boost children’s numerical abilities. Our mission: to showcase the program’s potential to schools and teachers, empowering them to revolutionize math lessons and nurture students’ confidence in numbers. Let us inspire you with Fluency Bee’s transformative power in mathematics education.


At the start of the project Big Blue Whale were initially tasked with creating a captivating promotional film. Our role expanded to include shortened versions for social media, a more detailed explanation video and still photography.

With a clear vision in mind, we meticulously planned our shots, ensuring we captured the essence of the program. We worked closely with Jane, our on-screen talent, to deliver an informative and engaging explanation video, highlighting key points. Our attention to detail guarantees a compelling visual narrative that captures viewers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression.


With a compact film crew and a skilled photographer, we embarked on a one-day adventure to capture all the essential footage for our two films. The morning was dedicated to filming Jane’s voiceover for the explanation video, complemented by staged scenarios featuring enthusiastic Year 1 and 2 children. As the afternoon unfolded, we ventured into the classrooms, capturing the genuine learning experiences of the children. Our carefully curated shot list ensured we remained on schedule, allowing us to conclude the day successfully.

In post-production, the magic truly happened as the two main films and various social edits seamlessly came together. The client’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with only minor adjustments requested. The cohesive outcome reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional content that engages and inspires.


With the program’s launch looming, our team embraced the challenge of delivering all the films promptly. The tight turnaround demanded efficient editing, but we rose to the occasion, meeting the deadlines with flying colors. The client expressed their appreciation for the final results and the swift delivery.

The two captivating films, alongside the engaging social edits and stunning photography, will play a crucial role in promoting the Fluency Bee program. Whether showcased on the website, shared on social media platforms, or distributed among educational communities, these assets will captivate and inspire viewers.

The success of our collaboration has solidified the foundation for future projects with the client and we look forward to working together again in the future.


“James and Chris were a delight to work with from start to finish. They created a detailed shot list to make sure everything was captured and the finished films look amazing. The promo film flows great and it sells the idea behind Fluency Bee brilliantly.”

Jane Brown Lead Maths Specialist, White Rose Maths

Project Insights

•  1 x promotional film
•  1 x explanation film
•  3 x social edits at different resolutions
•  2 person film crew
•  1 photographer
•  1 day filming
• 7 days editing
• Animated logo

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