Kendal Calling

Announcement Videos

Big Blue Whale started summer early this year with the creation of Kendal Calling’s 2022 headliner announcement videos showcasing our editing and animation skills.


The Kendal Calling marketing team got in touch after watching some of Big Blue Whale’s previous festival content and were keen to get our creative input. They felt our attention to detail and high impact edits would be the perfect fit for the 2022 announcement videos. In their own words they wanted to find a way of spicing up the presentation so it feels new, fresh and exciting. After an initial consultation to explore how we could best help them we set to work developing ideas for the project ahead with a focus on developing exciting transitions between text elements.

Kendal Calling main stage - events video production


It was agreed that we would edit a number of different marketing videos to help build excitement in the run up to announcing Kendal Calling’s 2022 headliner acts. We were provided with the footage and it was our job to create high energy edits that included animated text elements. Our first step was to develop the text animations. We created some concepts and the feedback was very positive so with that in place we moved onto creating the edits with the provided footage. As the project moved forward we were tasked with creating additional videos for the campaign.


The videos we created for Kendal Calling have been viewed by over 100,000 people. They have helped the festival sell over 90% of their tickets within a very short time after the release of the videos.

With the combination of our editing style and animated text we have helped generate a lot of excitement for the festival across their social media platorms. In turn we have helped generate ticket sales for the 2022 Kendal Calling festival and we looking forward to working with the team on future projects.

Kendal Calling family - events video
Kendal Calling Disco Heads - festival video production


“James and the team at Big Blue Whale were a dream to work with. Providing fantastic production values and creative flair but best of all, they excel in collaboration, listening to feedback and suggesting edits to create a stand-out product”

Sam Feeley Marketing and Events Manager

Project Insights

•  100,000+ views
•  1 x headliner announcement video
•  1 x artist announcement video
•  1 x teaser announcement video
•  1 x TV advert
•  Alternative versions for social platforms
•  5 days editing

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