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Festival Republic invited us for the second consecutive year to produce all the video content for the prestigious Leeds Festival. Our team created an array of videos including highlights, daily edits, and engaging band interviews that captivated the festival’s audience.


We were thrilled to be invited back to produce the official video content for Leeds Festival 2018 for the second consecutive year. The festival boasted an impressive lineup including Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, The Kooks and Dua Lipa, promising a weekend of music and entertainment for attendees.

Our role expanded this year as we were tasked with creating a series of daily edits to be featured on IGTV, driving Festival Republic’s social media campaign during the festival. Our team was excited to take on the challenge and capture the essence of the festival in real-time for all the fans to enjoy.

Pendulum Leeds Festival


Upon arriving at the festival on Wednesday, our lean team of four immediately got to work. We conducted a thorough site walk and went through our checklist to ensure a smooth operation throughout the weekend. It was important for us to communicate with Festival Republic’s team to gather crucial information, such as pyro lists and artist shots that were deemed essential.

Our team comprised of two highly skilled camera operators, an onsite editor who worked tirelessly to produce the content for IGTV, and a dedicated project manager who meticulously oversaw all aspects of the production.


We were thrilled to see the success of our daily edits on IGTV, reaching an audience of over 165K followers. Each video captured the best moments of each day, allowing fans to stay engaged with the festival content throughout the weekend.

Following the daily edits, we created a highlights video that showcased the very best of Leeds Festival 2018. Our expert shot selection and production received exceptional feedback from Festival Republic and the public alike. The video was released alongside the 2019 tickets going on sale, and we are confident it will drive sales for next year’s festival.

Additional photos provided by sheshoots.co.uk 

in the woods Leeds festival after movie video
Dua Lipa Leeds festival after movie video


“Having previously worked with Big Blue Whale we were pleased to bring them on board as the official film crew for Leeds Festival 2018. Scott and the team were great at understanding our requests and realising our desired visual output of this year’s festival.”

Darren Struwig Media Manager

Project Insights

• Festival highlights video
• Extended after movie
• 4x Daily social videos
• Band interview videos
• 3 x Safety videos
• Sustainability videos
• Mini band Documentary videos
• 675,000+ total views
• 1 x project manager
• 4 x camera operators
• 1 x sound recordist
• 1 x onsite video editor
• 1 x interviewer
• 4 days filming
• 30 days post production

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