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How We Made Academic Films Entertaining

At Big Blue Whale, we created a set of promotional films for Leverhulme that captured the brand’s mission, vision, and values, and showcased the trust as an inspiring place to work. Our films were powerful tools that encouraged others to join Leverhulme’s mission to make a positive impact on the world within the world of education.

A+ for Entertainment

At Big Blue Whale, we’re in the business of creating exceptional films that leave a lasting impression. So, when the marketing team at The Trust saw our film for Trinity Academy Leeds, they knew they had found a team that could deliver the very best.

They loved our work and wanted us to create 3 promotional films that showcased the opportunities and benefits of the trust, as well as life and learning at Harper Green and RBHS. Our films weren’t just videos, but powerful marketing tools that inspired and encouraged others to become part of The Trust’s thriving community.

The Leverhulme Way

We believe that great pre-production is the key to making a successful film. For this project we began by creating a detailed shot list of 60 shots for each film. This gave us a clear direction and helped us develop a compelling story for each school.

Our film crew of two was able to move quickly and efficiently between locations, capturing a wide range of scenarios from both schools over the course of five days. This mobility was a key advantage, as it allowed us to cover a lot of ground and capture diverse footage without sacrificing quality or creativity.

Our team used their editing expertise to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging films that showcased each school in the best light possible.

the Results are in

Our goal was to create films that not only promoted the trust’s mission, vision, and values but also showcased the vibrant and positive culture of the trust as a great place to work. It was equally important to capture the essence of life and learning at the two schools, and we focused on bringing this to the forefront in the films.

We are proud to say that the client was delighted with the final films, which are prominently featured on their website. These films have helped the trust to attract new talent, promote their brand, and tell their story in a more engaging and compelling way. We are thrilled to have been a part of this project and to have helped the trust to achieve its goals.


“Thank you so much for your incredible work on the films, they are brilliant.”

Jennifer Ledwards Marketing Manager

Project Insights

•  3 x promotional films
•  2 person film crew
•  5 days filming
•  12 days editing
•  Featured on client’s website
•  Drone operator

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