Phoenix Works

Electric video production

Phoenix Works specialize in EV charging solutions, use best-in-class products and unrivaled service. Our team worked closely with them to create compelling testimonial videos that highlight the benefits of their products and services. Additionally, we created a general marketing video that perfectly captures the brand’s unique selling points and conveys their message to potential customers.


At Big Blue Whale, we had the pleasure of working with Phoenix Works to produce a series of promotional films. Our focus was to highlight the intricate installation process while also showcasing the glowing testimonials of satisfied customers.

To achieve this, we worked closely with the client, who provided us with a set of thought-provoking questions to ask their customers. We then used these questions to build a comprehensive shot list that effectively conveyed the brand’s message and vision. With our expertise in storytelling and videography, we were able to create engaging and professional videos.


We love nothing more than immersing ourselves in a project and working hard to bring our clients’ visions to life. We filmed over multiple days at various locations to ensure that we captured every detail needed to complete the perfect set of films.

To make this possible, we utilized a range of techniques and equipment, including gimbal, handheld, drone, and interview footage. By using these diverse perspectives, we were able to tell a visually captivating story.

Once we had all the footage, the real magic began. Our editing team carefully condensed customer answers down to bite-size pieces. The end result was a set of films that captured the essence of Phoenix Works and left a lasting impression.


At Big Blue Whale, we always strive for excellence and nothing less. So, when Phoenix Works entrusted us to produce their promotional films, we made it our mission to deliver nothing short of the best.

We were thrilled to see that our hard work paid off when the client expressed their satisfaction with the final films. They were so pleased that they went on to feature the films across their social media platforms and website, directing countless visitors to their brand. Thanks to the quality of our work, these films were not just videos, but powerful tools that generated leads and helped grow their business.

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