Project Overview

Lifestyle video advert for the leading Vitamin tea company. 


Tea+ are a new range of vitamin infused teas, designed to help maintain health and wellbeing. Big Blue Whale were asked to produce 7 short marketing videos of around 15 seconds in length to be used on their website and social media platforms as part of a global ad campaign. There were a lot of elements to bring together for this project so a detailed pre production plan was key. Each of the 7 videos was storyboarded to ensure the message for each video was clear. Other planning elements included sourcing multiple locations, auditioning and booking 3 actors, getting props together and compiling a detailed production plan in preparation for filming.


With planning complete we then had 1 day to film all the content needed for the 7 videos. Luckily, our production plan had the whole day mapped out down to the last minute and this preparation paid off as on the day the filming everything ran very smoothly and were ahead of schedule by early afternoon which allowed us to capture a couple extra golden hour shots. As a production team we worked effectively and efficiently whilst ensuring our actors were kept happy and knew what they needed to do and no one was left twiddling their thumbs. Filming in multiple locations meant we relied heavily on the plan to ensure we captured all shots at each location. We also had a photographer shooting stills throughout the day.


Tea+ were blown away by the results and their partner in business Vitabiotics were also very impressed with the videos and wanted to share them internationally straight away. Vitabiotics sharing the videos on their social media platforms has meant a lot of people have viewed the videos and has contributed to the success of their global ad campaign.


Tea+ Website


Videos look great, really happy with the outcome.

James Dawson Founder

Project Insights

• 7x lifestyle marketing videos
• Part of a global ad campaign
• Multiple locations
• 1 day filming
• 1 x project manager / director
• 1 x camera operator
• 1 x stills photographer
• 1 week post production

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