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Introducing BODY, a groundbreaking outdoor installation that explores the fascinating world of human biology through the interplay of light, sound, and fire. To help promote this revolutionary new attraction to prospective clients, Big Blue Whale was commissioned to produce an impactful video that showcases the installation’s awe-inspiring visuals and real-world testimonials.


When Walk the Plank approached us to create a promotional video for BODY, their immersive outdoor installation, we were excited to take on the challenge.

The aim was to create a visually engaging marketing video that would showcase the stunning installations and leave a lasting impression on prospective clients in the museum and festival industries. We were thrilled to bring our expertise to the table and deliver a product that perfectly captured the essence of this unique experience.

Walk the plank video
body the video


We were excited to travel to Manchester for the soft launch of the BODY installation, capturing its mesmerizing effects in action over two days. Our team diligently recorded the three out of nine chambers present at the event, ensuring that we captured the best possible footage for the final product.

We incorporated video testimonials from attendees of the launch party to showcase the powerful impact that the installation had on its audience. By working quickly and efficiently in post-production, we were able to deliver a compelling final product to Walk the Plank, highlighting the beauty and impact of BODY.


Big Blue Whale is thrilled to have created a promotional video that has enabled Walk the Plank to showcase their innovative BODY installation to prospective clients. Since the video’s completion, it has been used in successful pitches to museums, festivals, and other events that encourage exploration and wonder. We are proud to have helped bring attention to this visual spectacle, and we’re also excited that parts of the video have been shared on social media, giving a glimpse of the installation to a wider audience.

Body walk the plank
video production for body


“We love it. Visuals and shots fantastic. Typography and animation really strong. Sound track feels immersive and onbrand.”

Susan Burnell Marketing & Comms manager

Project Insights

•  Promotional video
•  Talking heads
•  2 x camera operators
•  Drone operator
•  2 days filming
•  2 days post production

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