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As a prominent player in the car entertainment market, Big Blue Whale was proud to provide top-of-the-line product videos for our client. Our skilled team worked closely with the Xtrons team to showcase the innovative features of their products.


Big Blue Whale is proud to have been chosen by Xtrons, a leading brand in the in-car entertainment, car accessories, and car electronics industry. We were tasked with creating regular monthly videos for their extensive product range.

Our team worked closely with Xtrons to understand their needs and deliver a high-quality product. We produced ten product videos every month, along with standalone marketing videos. Our videos featured voice-over narration, product demonstrations, creative slider shots and motion design elements.

Our collaboration with Xtrons has resulted in engaging videos that showcase their products in the best light possible, helping them stand out in a competitive market.


In collaboration with Xtrons’ marketing team, Big Blue Whale has developed a unique set of motion design elements that reflect their brand. Our streamlined production process enables us to film, edit, and upload all ten product videos to YouTube within one week, allowing Xtrons to promote their extensive product range with ease.

Each month, Xtrons provides us with scripts that our professional voice-over artist records to create the perfect audio for each video. We then proceed to film the products, utilizing cinematic slider shots to capture the design features and product demo shots to showcase the functionality.

After filming is complete, we move on to the editing process, where we merge the audio, slider shots, product demo shots and motion design elements to create a truly engaging and informative video. Our final step involves uploading all videos to YouTube for client review, ensuring their satisfaction with the final product.


At Big Blue Whale, we understand the importance of maintaining consistency in video production. When Xtrons approached us to create product videos for their growing product range, we made sure to approach each video with a detailed plan and precise execution.

With over 200 units filmed and edited to date, Xtrons has been extremely pleased with the final results. We have successfully delivered the same look and feel for every video, ensuring a consistent brand image across all their products.

Xtrons Product video marking
Xtrons Product video


“For over a year now Big Blue Whale have consistently provided a high quality and professional service for us here at Xtrons. Honesty, flexibility and local to ourselves were on the top of our list when choosing a company to take on our product videos and the gents have not disappointed. Big Blue Whale truly have a passion for their work.”

Stuart Hammill Web Development & IT

Project Insights

• 200+ Product demo videos
• 500,000+ views
• For use on Xtrons website and social media
• Consistent look and feel
• 1 x voice-over artist
• 1 x camera operator
• 1 x hand model
• 1 day filming per 10 units
• 2 days post per 10 videos
• Motion design

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